402 Flexion Elevation Table Lloyd


*****The base price of the table is $7,800.00.00 and does NOT include any of the extra features.*****


****PRICE OF THE TABLE DOES not INCLUDE ANY ADDITIONAL OPTIONS or SHIPPING.  PLEASE CALL 309-264-7127 OR EMAIL info@rpschiro.com BEFORE PLACING ORDER TO GET A QUOTE ON ANY ADDITIONAL OPTIONS & SHIPPING CHARGES (TABLE IS SHIPPED BY FREIGHT COMPANY and cannot be calculated through the website at time of checkout) AND WE WILL email the information to you****


Hydraulic flexion distraction helps alleviate pain and strain on the backs of doctor and patient with more consistent resistance through the flexion ranges. Features a height range from 19.5″ to 39″ in 10 seconds and depth of flexion of 24 degrees. Automatic flexion, auto axial distraction, manual and automatic cocking drops are among the many optional features available.


Standard Features:

Tilt head with add-on paper attachment

One piece adjustable chest

Pelvic Section:

Flexion Distraction (Manual)

Lateral Bending

Axial Extension/Retraction (Powered)

Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)

Ankle Straps


Table Specifications:

Height Range 19.5″ to 39″

Length – Extended 73″

Length – Retracted 62″

Cushion Width 21″

Table Width 22″

Shipping Weight (approx) 320 lbs

Table Weight (approx) 240 lbs


Equipment Options:

Head Section:

Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Add-on Paper Attachment – additional $290.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $470.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Forward Motion with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $970.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $1,100.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Straight Drop Headpiece with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $1,270.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Forward Motion & Straight Drop Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA)(Manual) – additional $1,460.00

Total Dimension Flexion with Add-On Paper Attachment (Includes Forward & Straight Drop, Elevation, Rotation, Lateral Bending, Manual Flexion, Manual Extension & Retraction, Cervical Flexion Assist & Harness – additional $3,290.00


Chest/Lumbar Section: (All-New T-Style/Total Response Drop System Now Standard)

Split Chest with Filler – $170.00

Breast Cushion (Center Section Firm Foam, Outer Sections Softer Foam) – additional $83.00

Chest & Lumbar Drop (One Piece Cushion) (Manual) – additional $1,960.00

Chest & Lumbar Drop (One Piece Cushion)(Manual & Automatic) (Selector Valve not included) – additional $2,480.00

Pre 2005 Drop Style Chest & Lumbar (2 piece cushions), ADD to Drop Charge – additional $500.00

Spring Breakaway Chest/Adjustable Tension (With Standard Chest or Drop Chest & Lumbar) – additional $580.00

Chest Rotation (Includes Spring Breakaway-Adjustable Tension:

With Standard Chest – additional $1,960.00

With Chest/Lumbar Drops (Add to Drop Charge) – additional $1,550.00


Pelvic Section:

Pelvic Drop:  Manual additional $1,750.00 – Manual & Automatic (402 Flexion Elevation Only) additional $3,170.00

Pelvic Rotation (Not available when automatic axial distraction is ordered) – additional $550.00


Other Options:

Vertical adjustable ankle rest – additional $285.00

Drop Ankle (Manual Only)(Includes Vertical Ankle Rest) – additional $1,090.00

Automatic Flexion – additional $2,440.00

EHA (Electronic height adjustment) – additional $845.00

Automatic Axial Distraction – With Auto Flexion additional $1,040.00 – Without Auto Flexion additional $1,530.00

Telescoping T-Bar (included if AAD is ordered) – additional $280.00

Angled T-Bar – additional $400.00

Grab Bar – additional $420.00

Replacement Ankle Straps – additional $120.00


Available Colors:

Cardinal, Peacock, Chaps, Water, Black Cherry, Dark Teal, Ruby, Forest, Madder Brown, Wine, Raspberry, Deep Sapphire, Light Gray (Apollo), Whitecap (Apollo), Blue Water (Apollo), Black (Apollo), Navy (Apollo), Charcoal (Apollo) (see the category “Color Swatches”)


Special Order Colors:  additional charges may apply

Cinder/Charcoal (Finesse), Black (Finesse), Navy (Finesse)

Weight 320.00 lbs
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