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The extra-long Body Pillow provides comfortable, full body support while accommodating a variety of sleeping positions to help reduce nighttime restlessness. Perfect for side sleepers; also ideal for pregnant or nursing women and individuals recovering from an injury, suffering from hip/back pain, fibromyalgia, or sciatica.

Designed to contour to the shape of the body, the extra-long pillow length allows for use between the knees to help alleviate pressure on the hips while supporting the upper body.

This pillow is generously filled with fluffy, hypoallergenic, synthetic down alternative fiber that is resilient and long lasting. The breathable cotton/polyester blend fabric cover is soft and durable, keeping you cool and comfortable while sleeping.

Use lengthwise, against the body, for huggable cushioning or place the pillow horizontally across the head of the bed for uninterrupted head support. If using as a positioning aid to help prevent pressure soreness on the back, tailbone, or shoulders, tuck the pillow along the length of the back when in a side sleeping position.

Material Type: Polyester Fiber Filled

Pillowcase sold separately.

Weight 4.3 lbs
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