Airex Fitness 120 Mat


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Provide maximum protection through nonslip surface, superb cushioning, and the soft and warm touch in contact with the skin.  Permanent hygiene is guaranteed through a sanitized process.  In water, these mats provide a safe and stable platform to enable a variety of physical activities in the hydrotherapy pool.  The buoyancy of AIREX® mats is sufficient to keep an adult safely afloat while still maintaining contact with the water.  Remain flexible with body movements, but prevent the patient from slipping off into the pool.  Easy to clean.  Lightweight and easy to roll up.  Hard wearing and long lasting.  Closed-cell structure, impervious to water.  CE approved.  ss 120 Mat for use in gymnastics, fitness and aerobics and for indoor, outdoor and in water functions.


Available in blue only.


48″x 23″ x 0.6″

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Weight 5.0 lbs