Auto Therm 391 Diathermy Mettler


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The Auto•Therm 391 features a locking arm that makes it easy to position the drum on the patient. The sturdy cart allows you to roll the unit around your clinic and provides ample storage space for all of your diathermy accessories and supplies.


This versatile unit comes with an inductive drum for deep heating along with capacitive soft-rubber plates for more superficial applications. Continuous and pulsed modes allow you to customize treatment parameters for your patients.


Is a continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy. This unit can be easily moved between treatment rooms or to the patient. Utilizes rubber plate capacitive electrodes as well as a coil induction drum. Capacitive electrodes are ideal for treating shallow areas and are ideal for covering a large treatment area like a leg when treating the Sciatic Nerve. The coil induction drum is designed for deep penetration. Comes with an arm, inductive coil applicator, capacitive electrodes and heavy-duty cart with ample storage space.


37 in (H) x 19 in (W) x 19 in (D)


Unit 7 in (H) x 14 in (W) x 16.5 in (D)
Cart 30.25 in (H) x 19 in (W) x 19 in (D)
Frequency: 27.12 MHz
HF output:
Continuous mode 100 W Average Power
Pulsed Mode 200 W Peak Power
Pulse frequency: 10 Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 400Hz
Pulse duration range: 65 µs, 100 µs, 200 µs, 300 µs and 400 µs
Treatment time: 1–30 minutes
Operating Temperature: +50°F to +104°F



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