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Perfect for women looking for that little extra belly lift to help take some of the pressure off the back, pelvis, and bladder. Some women wear a Lil’ Lift early and a Baby Hugger later as their belly gets bigger and heavier.

Our unique, latex-free elastic has soft edges for comfort. The 3 inch width lays flat and will not dig into the groin or fold over onto itself like wider belts often do.

To wear the Lil’ Lift, wrap the band around belly, with the smooth surface next to the skin. Fasten it to itself in the front. (There will be a generous overlap.) For mild back support, rotate the band to place overlap at center of low back. Adjust tension as needed for comfort.

Latex: This product is not made with natural rubber latex

Measure around the belly.

Available sizes:

Small – 36.5 x 3″

Medium/Large – 43.5 x 3″

X-Large – 51.5 x 3″

Weight 0.15 lbs

Medium/Large, Small, X-Large

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