Balance Stones 14″ Set of 6 Cando


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The CanDo Balance Stone is the inflatable solution for improving balance, strengthening the lower back, aiding posture and reducing back pain, stress, restlessness and anxiety. Shaped like an exercise ball sliced in half, the Balance Stone is dual sided. The bottom side is flat and smooth. The upper side is textured with nubs for tactile feedback and stimulation.  Standing, sitting or lying on the stone requires active participation and constant adjustments from the user to find balance.  Ideal for sciatica and improving range-of-motion.  Laying on your back also provides a terrific massage as the nubs press in and relieve stress and pressure points.  Please note:  This does not include an air pump.  The stone can be filled with either water or sand for added stability.  Latex free.  Available in blue only.


Weight 24.0 lbs
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