Baseline Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometer 250 lb


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The Baseline hydraulic push-pull dynamometer has a 250 pound capacity. Maximum reading on analog gauge remains until the unit is reset. Dynamometer is perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). The dynamometer is lightweight and portable. The dynamometer is packaged with 3 push pads (padded curved, padded  straight, and circular), 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook.  The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. CE Certified. Comes in a protective carrying case.


Accessories (sold separately):

Life Platform 24″ x 24″ – Item # 14-103

Single Grip Handle – Item # 14-104

Threaded Oval Connector – Item # 14-105


11″ x 3″ x 3″


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