Analog EMS Unit BodyMed


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Protective cap over amplitude adjustment knobs.  Asymmetrical, biphasic and square pulse waveform.  Offers two, controllable output channels.  Three modes:  synchronous, constant and alternation.  Timer features:  30 and 60 minute programs of fixed duration and one continuous.  Adjustable O mA – 80 mA peak into 500 load each channel, constant current pulse amplitude.  Included in hard plastic carrying case, two lead wires, four standard BodyMed electrodes (one pack), 9 volt battery and manual.  250 us fixed pulse width.  2 Hz – 120 Hz adjustable pulse rate.  ON ramp adjustable 1 – 8 seconds.  Cycle on and off times adjustable 1 – 30 seconds.  One year warranty.

*****This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional*****

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