Cando Latex Free Exercise Band 100 Yard Roll


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CanDo Latex-free Resistive Band Exerciser Rolls are perfect for rehabilitation, fitness, physical therapy and athletic training.  Packaged in a dispenser box, simply unroll the desired length of exercise band from the box and cut with scissors.  An economic solution for upper and lower body exercises.  Made with Tear-Stop technology for reduced puncture and “snap” breakage.  The width of the band is 5″ wide.

100 yards (2 boxes x 50 yards each)

Latex free.

Resistance levels:

Tan – xx-light

Yellow – x-light

Red – light



Black- x-heavy

Silver – xx-heavy

Gold- xxx-heavy

Weight 5.0-20 lbs

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, Tan, Yellow

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