Cando Low Powder Exercise Band 100 Yard Roll


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CanDo Rolls of Exercise Bands are perfect for rehabilitation, fitness, physical therapy and athletic training. Additionally, they are great for anyone using them for stretching, muscle toning, improving balance and conditioning all major muscle groups. Packaged in a dispenser box, simply unroll the desired length of exercise band from the box and cut with scissors.  These bands are great for upper and lower body exercises.  Exercise bands are effective when used alone or with handles and anchors.

Made with natural rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions.

100 yards (2 boxes x 50 yards each)

Resistance levels:

Tan – xx-light

Yellow – x-light

Red – light

Green – medium

Blue – heavy

Black – x-heavy

Silver – xx-heavy

Gold – xxx-heavy


Weight 5.0-22 lbs

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, Tan, Yellow

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