Cold n’ Hot Elastomer Wrap Relief Pak


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Relief Pak Cold n’ Hot Elastomer wraps and pads are supple enough to contour to the applied location. They can be chilled or heated to be used as a cold or hot pack. Non-toxic material maintains its flexibility even when below freezing. The elastomer wraps provide a convenient way to position and apply cold or hot therapy. The tough, flexible gel specially selected fabric and hook/loop straps provide an exceptionally durable products.  The stretch cover allows conformity, heat transfer and comfort.  Head in the microwave but do not try to heat them in water.

Available sizes:

Small – 5″ x 10″

Medium – 6″ x 16″

Large – 10″ x 24″

Neck – 10″ x 20″

Head – 3″ x 12″

Eye – 3″ x 9″

Weight 0.5-4 lbs

10" x 20", 10" x 24", 3" x 9", 5" x 10", 6" x 16", 3" x 12"

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