Digi-Extend Exercisers, Set of 4, 56 Bands Total (20 Tan, 16 Yellow, 12 Red, 8 Green), Metal Stand Cando


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Designed to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination, the Digi-Extend is a unique therapy device that isolates the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints. Not only for fingers, the Digi-Extend also builds hand and forearm strength to aid in the rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, arthritis, stroke, fractures, tendon injuries, nerve lacerations and tennis elbow. Getting started is easy. Color-coded resistance bands are stretched around the circumference of the Digi-Extend under the hooks. The four color-coded resistance levels allow each muscle or joint to work at a comfortable level and build as increased strength is achieved. The resistive bands develop strength in each finger individually or the entire hand. So intuitive, the device lets patients easily change the resistance levels and vary their hand positions for specific exercises, helping to maximize exercise goals and prevent injury. All the exercises can be modified to help control the amount of tension by twisting the band around the hooks or using multiple bands at once. The included 4-position metal stand is a secure and convenient unit to store and display the Digi-Extends. The Digi-Extend can also be used for finger adduction, abduction, blocking and flexion exercises. The package includes 4 Digi-Extend units, 56 bands covering four levels of resistance (20 Tan Bands, 16 Yellow Bands, 12 Red Bands and 8 Green Bands), the Metal Stand and an instruction and exercise guide. The bands are Latex-free, so the Digi-Extend is safe for everyone. Position Digi-Extend with the hook openings facing away from your hand during use. This helps prevent the bands from slipping out. Using the other hand to help stabilize the device as needed during the exercises is encouraged. 


6″ x 12″ x 12″


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