Digital TENS/EMS/IF Unit 2 Channel BodyMed


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This portable unit uses 2 channels to deliver electrotherapeutic relief following accidents and/or injuries that impact any muscle group. Attach electrode patches to affected areas to deliver direct stimulation and relief. Adjustable knobs help control treatment intensity and are capped with protective plastic to avoid injury from amplitude overstimulation. For your patients comfort, customize ramp and wave frequency to deliver the right amount of stimulation. Monitor your patients personal use by enabling the Patient Compliance Meter which tracks and reports their activity by the hour. Dual Channel Digital TENS/EMS Combination Unit Features Combination digital TENS/EMS unit with dual isolated channels. Uses electrode patches to provide targeted, soothing, non-invasive electrotherapeutic pain relief to affected areas. Adjustable wave frequencies for customize patient treatment. Patience Compliance Meter monitors patient use by the hour. Lightweight and portable. Adjustable Pulse Amplitude with plastic-covered knobs for safety: 0-80 mA peak into 500 load each channel, constant current. Pulse Rate: 1-Hz-160 Hz (adjustable), 1 Hz/step (1-20 Hz), 5 Hz/step (20-160 Hz). Pulse Width: 50-260 adjustable for TENS, 10 /step and 250  fixed for EMS. Software Ramp Up protects users from a sudden surge. Patient Lock System prevents unauthorized changes to machine settings. Timer: 15, 30, and 60 minute mode; and continuous mode. LCD panel displays modes, pulse rate, timer and CH1/CH2. Also displays TENS pulse width and EMS on/off time.

****This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional*****

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