Digital Tens Unit BodyMed


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Treat neck, lower back, arms, and legs with 10 pre-set treatment programs.

Interface is easy to use and fully digital with light up LCD screen and no knobs.

Lock feature ensures you do not accidentally change program settings mid-treatment.

Portable with two rechargeable 9V batteries and an AC adapter

One pack of electrodes and two lead wires also included

Dual channels allow you to treat two areas simultaneously.

Pulse width varies from 80 to 260 microseconds.

Pulse rate adjusts between 5Hz and 125Hz depending on the selected program

Treatment time can be set to 30 minutes.

Comes with a one year warranty.

Timer can be adjusted from 5 – 60 min. in 5 min. increments

Continuous mode comes standard on this unit



*****This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional*****

Weight 5.0 lbs
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