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CanDo Inflatable Donut Balls are the ideal tool for exercise, workouts, core training sessions, stability training, Yoga, Pilates and balance training. The unique flat sided design of the Donut Balls helps the user improve balance, strength and stability. Finding balance means the core is engaged and getting stronger. The flat side of the Donut Ball works the core and provides stability while sitting, making it perfect or work or the classroom.  The rounded side is for active exercise.  The instability of the ball is the key as users constantly need to engage stabilizing muscles, working to improve coordination and balance.  Cando Donut Balls are non-slip and latex free.  Their durable PVC material supports up to 300 lbs.  Please note:  inflation pump is not included.

Available sizes:

45 cm – 18″ Dia x 10″ H – Yellow

55 cm – 22″ Dia x 12″ H – Orange

65 cm – 26″ Dia x 14″ H – Green

75 cm – 30″ Dia x 16″ H – Red

85 cm – 34″ Dia x 18″ – Blue


Weight 2.0-4 lbs

45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm

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