30″ Table Foot Extender Classic Series Custom Craftworks


Extender adds 10″ of beautiful length to your Custom Craftworks Classic Series table.  The 3″ Foam system will line up nicely with your current table.

This base only fits tables where accessory ports are 9″ apart including the Athena, Omni, Feldenkrais, Elegance, Elegance Pro, Majestic, McKenzie and Hands Free.

To ensure proper fit: Start at the foot of your massage table and measure the distance from the center of the left hole to the center of the right hole.

10″L x 30″W x 3″H

Available colors:  Agate blue, black, burgundy, buff, chocolate, flint gray, hunter green, mushroom, navy, purple, and teal.

Weight 5.0 lbs

Agate Blue, Black, Buff, Burgundy, Chocolate, Flint Gray, Hunter Green, Mushroom, Navy, Purple, Teal

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