Galaxy Hylo Table by Lloyd


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*****The table shown has all the features available on this table.*****


*****The base price of the table is $10,000.00 and does NOT include any of the extra features.*****


*****Please contact us to get a quote on the table with the features you are looking for and we will be glad to order the table for you.*****



Standard features include hydraulic tilt from horizontal to 70 degrees, infinitely adjustable speed and hydraulic extension retraction. A chest lumbar drop with spring breakaway, Pelvic Drop, ankle drop, plus many more options are available. Also available on the Galaxy Hylo is the All-New Lloyd Total Response Drop system on all sections. The Lloyd Total Response Drop System features a one-piece chest cushion while offering a dorsal and lumbar drop that cock and drop individually.


Standard Features:

Deluxe/Adjustable Headpiece

One Piece Adj. Chest With Adj. Tension

Spring Breakaway (when no drops ordered)

Chest/Pelvic Separation

Extension/Retraction of Length (power)

Adjustable Pelvic (vertical)

Adjustable Ankle Rest (vertical & horizontal)

Speed Adjustment of Hylo feature

Tilt Safety Switch


***For any additional options you would like to add onto your table, please call RPS for a quote***


Table Specifications:

Height Range:  18″ to 28″

Length – Extended:  84″

Length – Retracted:  72″

Cushion Width:  21″

Table Width:  22″

Table Weight:  270 lbs.



Additional information

Weight 320 lbs