Green Tea Mint Massage Cream Amber Products


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A blend of Garden Mint infused with Green Tea Extracts provides a natural and stimulating aroma to increase mental alertness while providing powerful anti-oxidants. Invigora ting aroma has natural anti-bacterial qualities!

Nut Free! A rich, heavy textured cream base creates an effortless glide for versatile massage techniques. It’s non-greasy formulation leaves the skin hydrated and soft. Our nut free and fragrance free formula blends well with any Amber Signature Blend or Essential Oil. Soybean Oil, Aloe, and Vitamin E a versatile blend that can be used over entire body and breaks down easily for the perfect

Sizes: 8 oz, 32 oz, and Gallon

Weight 0.5-10 lbs

32 oz, 8 oz, Gallon

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