Low Powder Exercise Tubing 100 Foot Val-u-Tubing


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Low powder resistive exercise Val-u-Tubing is color-coded in Berry Colors. Low powder Val-u-Tubing is an economical latex exercise tubing; same great quality as CanDo latex exercise tubing.  For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offering of Val-U exercise tubing.

Resistance levels:

Pear – level 0

Peach – level 1

Orange – level 2

Lime – level 3

Blueberry – level 4

Plum – level 5

Mushroom – level 6

Pineapple – level 7

Weight 2.0-7 lbs

Blueberry, Lime, Mushroom, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum

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