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The Manicure Pod includes a powerful LED Light, a Paraffin Warmer, a Massage Stone Warmer, Lotion Warmer and Serum Holsters – all in one sleekly designed unit! Build a spa level manicure around the Manicure Pod by offering quick Gel Polish curing, warm Paraffin Masques and warm Stone Massage. Finish your manicure with a warm Lotion Massage. Use the Serum Holster to treat hand ailments or apply Cuticle Oil.


Heat stones or paraffin with ease, and quickly remove them Removable Stone and Paraffin Canisters.

Add Hand Serum-ology or Keratin Care Cuticle Oil to hand or foot treatments easily using the conveniently located Serum Holsters.

38 LED bulbs deliver uniform and powerful gel curing while the touch-sensor timer operates in 5, 30 and 120 second intervals with the LED Light.

Snugly hold disposable cups of 3 oz. lotion, cream or oil.  Pre-set temperatures mean you can heat quickly and easily, while keeping clean up simple in the Lotion Warmer.



Weight 15.0 lbs
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