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The lightweight, portable Massage Pod combines FIVE separately controlled heating units into one design! Heat massage oils, creams and lotions all at the same time while creating customized massage treatments utilizing the built-in essential oil holsters. The Massage Pod can heat an 8 oz. jar of massage cream, two 8 oz. bottles of oil or lotion, a 32 oz. bottle of oil or lotion and a custom blend in the mixing bowl all at the same time.


Store up to eight oils or blends for convenient and custom creations in the Essential Oil Holsters.

Snugly store an 8 oz. jar of massage cream and individually control the heat setting with the 8 oz. Jar Warmer.

Heating a larger capacity bottle is easy with the Massage Pod.  Temperature setting is adjustable in the 32 oz. Bottle Warmer.

Carry custom made treatments close to clients and easily clean up with the Removable Mixing Pan.

Heat bottles individually in warmers controlled by separate adjustable temperature knobs in 8 oz. Bottle Warmers.





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