No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips by Prodigy


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This set of glucose test strips are for the exclusive use of Prodigy brand Blood Testing Glucometers. These strips work with all Prodigy meters and are approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST). The 3-lead technology allows the meters to test only when there is enough blood on the test strip, saving the user test strips and money. These test strips do not us GDH-PQQ technology and are approved for Alternate Site Testing.  The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip.  AST is approved for this unit so users can test blood from their palm, forearm, upper arm, calf or thigh.  Glucose oxidase technology allows for safer and more accurate results.  Strips are housed in a convenient lidded container.

50 Test strips – Blood testing glucose meter is sold separately

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