Skinfold Caliper Electronic Durnin formula Skyndex


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The Skyndex Digital Skinfold Caliper with the Durnin 4-Site formula was developed to use with the general population and is a fast way to assess the body fat level of groups of people using body fat calipers. Ideal for Corporate Wellness, Health Fairs, General Exercisers. No need to input body weight. Simply select the age range and gender with one dial. This makes assessing Body Composition and Body Fat a 45 second job without the possibility of data entry errors.

Features:  4-Site Durnin Skinfold Formula built in.  1 dial to select Gender & Age.  Built in immediate Body Fat Percentage calculation.  9V or 110V operation.  Foam lined ABS plastic carrying case, calibration dowel and Power Plug included.

14″ x 5″ x 10″

Weight 5.0 lbs
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