Soft Weights Theraband


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Designed with a soft cover and a pliable filler free of any hard edges of rims.

Unique ball-sized weight that fits in your hand.

Versatile usage for strength training or rehabilitation.

Balls remain at consistent 4.5″ diameter when resistance changes.

Each weight labeled in kilograms and pounds.

Includes instruction manual.

Available weights:

Tan – 1.1 lb

Yellow – 2.2 lbs

Red – 3.3 lbs

Green – 4.4 lbs

Blue – 5.5 lbs

Black – 6.6 lbs

Also available in a set of 6. (one of each color)



Weight 1.1-26 lbs

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Set of 6, Tan, Yellow

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