Stainless Steel Blanket Warmer 2.5 cubic feet capacity Enthermics


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Programmable and quiet, this blanket warmer from Enthermics provides comforting heat and maintains patient normothermia throughout procedures in the ER, surgical suite, labor room or delivery area. This reduces surgical site infection risks and aides in the recovery process. Engineered for floor-standing point-of-care with an aesthetically pleasing, quality design, the warmer contains the patented WarmSafe zone heating system with heated shelves, which ensures every blanket is safely and evenly warmed by adjusting temperature throughout the cabinet.  This warmer is quiet with no fans or moving parts, making it perfect for delivery rooms, ICU and NICU.  This warmer has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet.  This patient friendly warmer features four heavy-duty, rugged casters.  The absence of fans and their noise add to the emphasis on comfort and care.  The single pane, energy-efficient, e-coated glass door allows for quick inventory observation and reflects heat back into the unit.  Featuring an epoxy-coated steel exterior casing and interior insert, the unit is externally sized at 22″ x 18.5″ x 23.5″.  It has enough space for 4-6 blankets.  The temperature is adjustable, allowing blankets to be warmed up to a range of 98 degrees through 200 degrees.  The door to the unit is fully gasketed and features an easy, hands-free push button to open, making it convenient for caregivers with hands full of blankets needing to be warmed.


Weight 110.0 lbs
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