Standard Infra-Red Ceramic 250 Watt Lamp Mobile Base


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Infra-Red lamp, height adjustable 35″ – 58″ with a 13″ x 13″ mobile base. Recommended for those patients requiring supplemental heat treatments at home. Features 12″ flexible arm, 3 conductor cord set, 250W ceramic heater and protective screen. Ceramic heaters that change color from coral to gray when energized. Nickel-chromium resistance wire embedded into a ceramic casting provides uniform heat transmission, 96% thermal efficiency with low element surface temperature.  Inner body of the element is filled with ceramic fiber insulation, which conserves energy, maximizes efficiency and minimizes heat build up at the terminal area.  Heat up time is 3 – 9 minutes to reach 90 degrees of maximum temperature.


Weight 18.0 lbs
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