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The wrap provides light support without restricting movement. Gentle compression can help reduce mild edema and postsurgical effusion. It can also improve the ability to sense movement within joints and joint position, helping to reduce incidents of sprains or strains. This support is ideal for those with an active lifestyle who suffer from mild injuries, aching, and/or weakened knees.


Designed for comfort, the Swede-O Elastic Knee Wrap is constructed from heavy duty hook and loop compatible material for long term use. The soft elastic material is comfortable against the skin. For a customized fit, the wrap easily adjusts to increase or decrease compression and to accommodate for variations in swelling.


One Size Fits Most.


Measure thigh, just above the knee. Fits up to 22″/56cm comfortably.


Machine wash in warm water. Secure all hook and loop closures before wash. Do not use chlorine additives. Tumble dry, low heat. Do not iron.


Instruction of Use:
Step 1: Open hook and loop fasteners.
Step 2: With leg slightly bent, align horizontal seam with crease on back of knee.
Step 3: Secure bottom closure by pulling strap across front of shin and fastening to support.
Step 4: Adjust the position of the support so overlap is positioned directly under the patella (over the patellar tendon).
Step 5: Secure top closure by pulling strap across front of thigh and fastening to support. The knee patella opening should sit directly over the patella (kneecap).

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