TheraTemp Universal Microwaveable Moist Heat Packs


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Professional quality wraps use therapeutic, non-organic mineral beads that collect and hold moisture from humidity in the air. These mineral beads will never break down, decay, or develop an odor.


Constructed of luxurious soft fleece on the side nearest the skin and an insulated multi-ply hook and loop compatible fabric with vapor barrier on the outside to direct the moisture and heat toward the body.


Elastic and hook and loop belt(s) are included with the wrap to comfortably hold it on the target body location.


Sizes available:

7″ x 24″

13″ x 13″

6.5″ x 18″



Additional information

Weight 2.0-5 lbs

13" x 13", 6.5" x 18", 7" x 24"