U/HVG50 Combination Ultrasound + HV Muscle Stim + LV Galvanic with Both Quick Connect Transducers – Amrex


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The widely used modalities of ultrasound, high voltage stimulation, and low voltage DC galvanic may be used independently or combined simultaneously to provide a broad range of treatment applications with the SynchroSonic U/HVG50. This top-of-the-line unit from Amrex also features the new Cable Fault Alarm system. The Cable Fault Alarm system detects improper transducer connection and/or cable damage providing a safety shutdown feature.

Ultrasound features:
Lightweight standard transducer

Small transducer with quick connect cable
Transducer protection switch
Adjustable interrupted output mode
0 to 20 watt output
30 minute timer

High Volt Stimulator Features:
Dual channel, 4 pad high volt pulsed dc stimulator
Selectable frequencies – pulsation to tetanize
Selectable surge and reciprocal rates – ramped
Intensity reset circuit

Low Voltage Galvanic Features:
Single channel, 2 pad low voltage galvanic (dc)
0 to 10 mA current for iontophoresis treatments
Adjustable surge and alternating polarity surge rates
Combination: iontophoresis/phonophoresis with DFA approved substances

19 1/2″ W x 11″ D x 7″ H


****This item only sold to a licensed healthcare professional****

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