Wheelchair Scale Portable Folding Column Detecto 6560


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Detecto’s 6560 is a multi-purpose clinical scale for wheelchair weighing and it also features an elegant, curved handrail that provides patient stability while weighing standing. By sliding the release levers, the columns easily fold down and lock for fast-and-easy transport and vertical storage. Enjoy the time-saving benefits of this scale by using the convenient pushbutton or keypad tare to remove the wheelchair weight.  The scale features 1,000 lb capacity, unit locking into Kilograms or Pounds, two way built in ramps for accessibility from both sides, large 32 in x 36 in platform, clinical grade accuracy to 0.2 lb battery of AC power, up to 99 tares (optional) to store wheelchair weight, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is available on some models for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity.  The platform is only 2.2 inches high for easy patient accessibility and comfort while weighing either standing or in a wheelchair.  AC Adapter included.

46″ x 15″ x 44″

Weight 126.00 lbs
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