402 Flexion Stationary Lloyd Table


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*****The base price of the table is $5,015.00 and does NOT include any of the extra features.*****

****PRICE OF THE TABLE DOES not INCLUDE ANY ADDITIONAL OPTIONS or SHIPPING.  PLEASE CALL 309-264-7127 OR EMAIL info@rpschiro.com BEFORE PLACING ORDER TO GET A QUOTE ON ANY ADDITIONAL OPTIONS & SHIPPING CHARGES (TABLE IS SHIPPED BY FREIGHT COMPANY and cannot be calculated through the website at time of checkout) AND WE WILL email the information to you****


The 402 Flexion-Stationary table features a narrowed head and shoulder section for added patient comfort. A simple control lever provides instant locking of flexion or lateral bending. Hydraulic control provides more constant resistance through the flexion range, regardless of the patient’s size and weight.


Standard Features:

Tilting headpiece with add-on paper attachment

One piece adjustable chest

Manual Flexion Distraction

Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)

Axial extension & retraction of pelvic section (Manual Foot Pump)

Lateral bending

Ankle Straps


Table Specifications:


Height Range 18″ to 30″

Fully Extended 78″

Fully Retracted 64″

Cushion Width 21″

Table Width 22″

Shipping Weight (Approx) 220 lbs

Actual Weight (Approx)  170 lbs


Equipment Options:

Head Section:

Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Add-on Paper Attachment – additional $245.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $397.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Forward Motion with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $814.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $926.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Straight Drop Headpiece with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA) – additional $1075.00

Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Forward Motion & Straight Drop Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA)(Manual) – additional $1230.00

Total Dimension Flexion with Add-On Paper Attachment (Includes Forward & Straight Drop, Elevating, Rotation, Lateral Bending, Manual Flexion & Manual Extension & Retraction, Cervical Flexion Assist & Harness – additional $2769.00


Chest/Lumbar Section:

Breast Cushion (Center Section Firm Foam, Outer Sections Softer Foam) – additional $69.00

Chest & Lumbar Drop (One Piece Cushion) (Manual) – additional $1613.00

Pre 2005 Drop Style Chest & Lumbar (2 piece cushions), ADD to Drop Charge – additional $422.00

Spring Breakaway Chest/Adjustable Tension (With Standard Chest or Drop Chest & Lumbar) – additional $485.00

Chest Rotation (Includes Spring Breakaway-Adjustable Tension:

With Standard Chest – additional $1645.00

With Chest/Lumbar Drops (Add to Drop Charge) – additional $1304.00



Pelvic Section:

Pelvic Drop:  Manual additional $1470.00 – Manual & Automatic (402 Flexion Elevation Only) additional $2666.00

Pelvic Rotation (Not available when automatic axial distraction is ordered) – additional $465.00


Other Options:

Vertical adjustable ankle rest – additional $240.00

Drop Ankle (Manual Only)(Includes Vertical Ankle Rest) – additional $922.00

Automatic Flexion (402 Flexion Elevation Only) – additional $2054.00

EHA (Electronic height adjustment) – additional $711.00

Automatic Axial Distraction – With Auto Flexion additional $878.00 – Without Auto Flexion additional $1289.00

Telescoping T-Bar (included if AAD is ordered) – additional $235.00

Angled T-Bar – additional $334.00

Grab Bar – additional $353.00

Replacement Ankle Straps – additional $98.00


Available Colors:

Chaps, Forest, Black, Navy, Ruby, Water, Silver Ash (Gray), Wine, Dark Teal, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Madder Brown (see the category “Color Swatches”)


Special Order Colors:

White, Peacock, Coastal Blue, Cardinal




Additional information

Weight 220 lbs