409 Elevation Table Lloyd


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*****The table shown has all the features available on this table.*****


*****The base price for the table is $6,115.00 and does NOT include any of the extra features.*****


*****Please contact us at 309-264-7127 or email info@rpschiro.com to get a quote on the table with the features you are looking for and we will order the table for you.*****


Standard Features:

Deluxe/Adjustable Headpiece

One Piece Adjustable Chest

Adjustable Pelvic (vertical)

Adjustable Ankle Rest (vertical and horizontal)

Single directional foot pedal


***For any additional options you would like to add onto your table, please call 309-264-7127 or email info@rpschiro.com for a quote***


Table Specifications:

Height Range – Elevation:  19″ to 38″

Length – Extended:  75″

Length – Retracted:  62″

Cushion Width:  21″

Table Width:  22:

Table Weight:  250 lbs




Additional information

Weight 300 lbs