Adjustable Depth Lancing Device by Prodigy


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The Prodigy Adjustable Depth Lancing Device has been designed for use with Prodigy brand disposable, twist-top lancets but will work with most other twist-top lancets. Simply twist the lancing device’s cap off and insert a disposable lancet. Remove the cap to the lancet but hold onto it for later. Replace the device’s cap and choose the proper depth level, adjusted for the most comfortable sampling.  Cock the lancing device by sliding back the ejection/cocking control until it clicks.  With the lancing device tip at the fingertip, press the release button to cause the lancets tip to safely pierce the finger.  Replace the cap onto the lancet when ready to safely dispose.  The lancing device has five adjustable depth settings: 1-2 soft or thin skin 3: average skin 4-5 thick or callused skin.  The trigger device makes testing quicker and easier.  The ergonomic 4″ lancing device is much easier to handle than a lancet on its own.  A full set of illustrated instructions are included in the package.  Unique disposal slider ejects lancet quickly and easily.

This is the lancing device only.  The twist top lancets and glucose meters are sold separately.


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