8″ Pivot Posi-Tilt Face Rest Base Only Custom Craftworks


Our 8″ Pivot Posi-Tilt Base allows therapists to place clients in multiple positions for easy access to neck and shoulder muscles and gentle stretching—all with a simple lever. Handcrafted in Springfield, Oregon, the base lifts, lowers and elevates just like our popular Deluxe Adjustable, but also pivots a full 30° left and right for increased range of motion and versatility.

This base only fits tables where face rest holes are 9″ apart, including the Athena, Omni, Feldenkrais, Elegance, Pro, Majestic, McKenzie and Hands Free.

To ensure proper fit: At the head of your massage table, measure the distance from the center of the left face rest hole to the center of the right face rest hole.

To move the face rest from side to side, lock the adjustment handle and move the face rest into the desired location. The face rest may require a small amount of pressure to move as it is purposefully stiff so as not to move during treatment.

Dimensions: 10.75″L x 9″W x 5″H

Weight 2.5 lbs
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