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This vial of Control Solution is for the exclusive use of Prodigy brand Blood Testing Glucometers. The Prodigy Glucose Control Solution (Low) provides a quick, easy way to ensure accurate blood glucose testing. Just apply a drop of control solution to a testing strip instead of a drop of blood and compare the results to the control range found on the vial of test strips. If the results are within the range on the vial, the meter is functioning correctly.  If the results are outside the range, the meter should be examined by the manufacturer. Control tests should automatically be done once a month or before a new batch of test strips are introduced.  When batteries on the unit are changed, a control test should be ran.  Run a control test if you believe the meter isn’t working properly but before contacting the manufacturer.  Solution should never be frozen and should be stored in a dry location at a temperature between 36 and 86 degrees.  Control solution has a limited shelf life.  Once opened, to ensure complete accuracy of the results, please be sure to discard after 90 days.

4 ml

Glucose meter is sold separately

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