Pressure Activated Safety Lancets Blue by Prodigy


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This package of Pressure Activated Safety Lancets offers a quick, near-painless and minimally intrusive way to get a blood sample for glucose testing. No loading or lancing device needed, these lancets are ready to go as soon as you open the box. Because they are brightly colored, they are easy identified in a diabetic travel kit. Single-use Pressure Activated Safety Lancets are a popular choice because they prevent needle stick injuries and inhibit cross-contamination.  Each sterile lancet features a clear protective cap, a 28 gauge needle and tri-bevel tip.  The controlled puncture depth of 1.8mm allows you to accurately choose a testing site that will cause the least amount of discomfort.  To use, remove the clear protective cap and push gently against the test site.  Once done, as these are single use only, discard the lancet in a puncture resistant container.  Thanks to the tri-bevel tip, sampling is virtually painless with these lancets.  Pressure activation ensures a consistent blood draw with every use.  Lancets are packaged sterile with a protective cap.  Do no use if the protective cap is missing or damaged.

Package of 100 blue, 28G, pressure activated lancets only.

Glucose meters are sold separately.


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