Galaxy 900 H.S. Table by Lloyd



*****The table shown has all the features available on this table.*****


*****The base price of the table is $13,320.00 and does NOT include any of the extra features.*****


*****Please contact us to get a quote on the table with the features you are looking for and we will be glad to order the table for you.*****



Here is a table that offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting. An electronic height selector raises the table to any desired height from 19″ to 36″, virtually eliminating stooping and bending. Head, chest, lumbar, pelvic, and ankle drops enable the doctor to adjust with greater efficiency at reduced effort and fatigue. A hylo feature tilts and lowers the table hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds.

Standard Features:

Deluxe/Adjustable Headpiece
One Piece Adj. Chest With Adj. Tension Spring
Breakaway (when no drops ordered)

Chest/Pelvic Separation
Extension/Retraction of Length (Power)
Adjustable Pelvic (Vertical)
Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical)

Speed Adjustment of Hylo Feature
Electronic Height Selector
Tilt Safety Switch


***For any additional options you would like to add onto your table, please call RPS for a quote***


Table Specifications:

Height Range: 19″ to 36″
Length – Extended 84″
Length – Retracted 72″
Cushion Width 21″

Table Width 22″
Table Weight 410 lbs

Additional information

Weight 460.00 lbs