M.A.T. Massage & Body Positioning System Vinyl Cover Core Products


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Positions the body face down on any flat surface. The elevated face cradle allows airflow and enables natural breathing without turning or twisting the head and neck. This cushion is ideal for massage or postsurgical recovery when face down positioning is indicated.

This system is made from precision cut, high quality foam and covered with a soft cloth cover. The built in elastic straps and handle along with the foldable design make this system easy to carry from one location to another.

The three components include:

1. Bolster: used to help reduce stress on ankles, knees, and hips, in addition to relieving lower back tension.

2. Teardrop Face Cradle with Riser Blocks: helps keep the head and neck properly aligned and enables natural breathing by allowing airflow between the surface and face.

3. Body Wedge : supports the torso and thighs while positioning the pelvis in a tilted position to help prevent spinal compression

Care Instructions:

Vinyl material cover: Wipe clean as needed with soap and water.

Available in black vinyl cover

Weight 5.0 lbs

Black, Blue

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