Premium Hand Therapy Putty BodyMed


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Premium Putty won’t stick to your skin or get under your fingernails.


Feels light and silky.


Each color-coded putty has a different consistency, from Soft – for strengthening grasp, to Firm – for developing a stronger grip.


Comes in an air tight, resealable plastic container.


Helps in rehabilitation of fingers, hands, and forearms.


Latex-free and unscented putty for hand rehabilitation and improved dexterity.


Maintains an even resistance when being pinched and squeezed.




Yellow (Soft)

Red (Medium)

Green (Firm)


Sizes available:

2 oz.

3 oz.

4 oz.

6 oz.

16 oz.

80 oz.




Weight 0.5-5 lbs

Green 16 oz, Green 2 oz, Green 3 oz, Green 4 oz, Green 6 oz, Green 80 oz, Red 16 oz, Red 2 oz, Red 3 oz, Red 4 oz, Red 6 oz, Red 80 oz, Yellow 16 oz, Yellow 2 oz, Yellow 3 oz, Yellow 4 oz, Yellow 6 oz, Yellow 80 oz

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