Relief Pak Hydrocollator Packs


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Moist Heat Pack is the go-to solution to ease aches and pains from arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, stiff neck, sprains, stiff joints, bruises, general soreness and spasms. Moist heat is more effective in deeper tissue heating and penetrates more than dry heat at the same temperature. Ready for use less than an hour in either the stove, microwave or other heating unit.  The heat packs are latex free.  The heat pack delivers up to 30 minutes of hot, moist, therapeutic relief.  One heated and ready to use, handle the pack by the corner tab.  Be sure to wrap the heated pack in a towel or covering before use.  If it’s expected the pack is going to be used for regular or frequent treatments, it should be kept in water, either in the heating unit or in a covered pot on the stove.  If the pack is expected to be idle and stored for an extended period, it should be kept moist and cold.  In those instances, place the wet pack in a plastic bag, seal it and store it in the freezer.

Available sizes:

Standard – 10″ x 12″

Neck – 7″ x 24″

Oversize – 15″ x 24″

Half size – 5″ x 12″

Spine Small – 10″ x 18″

Spine Large – 10″ x 24″

Shoulder/Knee – 10″ x 20″


Weight 1.0-3 lbs

10" x 12", 10" x 18", 10" x 20", 10" x 24", 15" x 24", 5" x 12", 7" x 24"

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