Ultima Neo Multi-Mode Stimulator


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Advanced multi-mode electrotherapy stimulator that combines enhanced TENS, EMS, Interferential, and Microcurrent.

Dual channel device and includes the function of our most advanced TENS and EMS modes with body part diagrams, as well as an advanced Interferential device with sine wave technology, and a very state-of-the-art Microcurrent mode.

Operates on an ultra sleek, high capacity lithium ion battery which allows the user to use the Interferential function without being tethered to the wall, as well as long battery runs on the TENS/EMS and Micro modes.

Includes device, batteries, lead wires, electrodes (1 pack of 4), carrying case and users manual.

*****This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional*****

Weight 5.0 lbs
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