Waxwel Paraffin Bath Unit with 6 lb of wax


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The WaxWel Paraffin Bath System is the ideal heat therapy solution for soothing and conditioning hands, feet and elbows. This wax bath also moisturizes ankles, feet, hands, wrists and elbows that are dry and cracked as well as relaxing muscles and easing the pain caused by chronic joint inflammation. Comes complete with a 6 lb. heating unit, 65 liners, washable terry cloth mitt and bootie and 6 (six) 1-lb. blocks of paraffin. The unit features an oversized tank that can accommodates a man’s size 12.5 foot. High quality paraffin offers excellent melting characteristics, moistness and feel. The bath operates within a temperature range of 125 – 134 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to clean by just removing the wax, wiping out the inside of the tub and drying with a cloth or paper towel.


18″ x 12″ x 13″


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Weight 20.0 lbs

Citrus, Lavender, Peach, Rose, Unscented, Wintergreen