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Strong, white foam rollers offer a wide range of strengthening and rehabilitation exercises.  Round rollers can be used as a progressive exercise system, ranging from easier (smaller diameter) to more difficult (larger diameter).  Half size roller is ideal for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation.  Lightweight, made of medium-density foam and available for purchase in a variety of sizes (available in full- or half-roller too).  Design enhances important things like balance, positioning, postural, neural and muscular flexibility, spinal stabilization, and dynamic strengthening.


Sizes available:

12″ x 6″ Half

12″ x 6″ Full

36″ x 6″ Half

36″ x 6″ Full


Weight 1.5-3 lbs

12" x 6" Full, 12" x 6" Half, 36" x 6" Full, 36" x 6" Half

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